Why did Mike Tyson fight at the age of 57 after being in a wheelchair?

The international media and public were stirred by the news that Mike Tyson returned to the ring to compete with boxer Jake Paul. The age gap between the two is… 30 years.
Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson retired long ago due to back injuries. However, he will return to the ring to compete with Jake Paul – a YouTube star turned boxer.

“Dream” matches, with ideas that at first sound absurd, actually have great appeal to the international media and public at the present time.

Such matches are very difficult to predict, because normal analytical logic cannot be used. These matches always have elements of surprise and are difficult to predict and are becoming a “money-making” direction in the boxing field.

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Mike Tyson (right) will return to the ring to compete with boxer Jake Paul (left) (Photo: Daily Mail).

Last year, the international media and public were very excited about the possibility of a competition between the world’s two richest billionaires – Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. The two sides had “exchanged words”, challenged each other for a while and also considered the possibility of fighting.

There was even an intermediary unit that approached both billionaires. Authorities in Italy also suggested that they would lend the Colosseum in Rome for the two billionaires to compete, if the match really took place. However, the match did not take place, both billionaires silently withdrew.

But this incident shows that the international media and public are very interested in matches that incorporate elements of popular culture, when the two characters in the ring are both attractive figures to the public. including the public who do not care much about boxing and sports.

These types of matches are becoming a “money-making” direction in the boxing field. The professional nature of matches like this is not a top priority.

It is the sensational nature, the element of surprise and the popularity of the two fighting men that make the event attract the attention of sponsors and advertising contracts.

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The age gap between Mike Tyson (right) and Jake Paul (left) is 30 years (Photo: Daily Mail).

Returning to Mike Tyson, at the age of 57, he is expected to compete against an opponent 30 years younger than him. The match will take place on July 20 at AT&T Stadium located in Arlington, Texas, USA. The stadium has a capacity of 80,000 seats. The match will be streamed online on the Netflix platform.

Currently, there are some opinions criticizing this match because they believe that these types of events are only for entertainment and money-making purposes, not really a true sporting event.

Some opinions from experts also believe that the level of scrutiny of these types of events may lower the standards that the media and the public set for sports. Gradually, sporting events will promote entertainment elements and downplay the professional nature of competition activities.

However, what cannot be argued is that the attraction and profitability from these types of sporting events is huge. Last year, when Jake Paul lost a fight with reality TV star and boxer Tommy Fury, he still received $9 million in compensation for participating in a media-exciting match. and the world public.

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Mike Tyson is 57 years old (Photo: Daily Mail).

Hà cớ gì Mike Tyson thượng đài ở tuổi 57 sau khi phải ngồi xe lăn? - 4

Jake Paul at age 27 (Photo: Daily Mail).

With this match, both Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are likely to receive compensation higher than $9 million, because the audience’s interest in this match is huge.

Jake Paul was originally a YouTube star before turning to become a boxer. Before the match against Mike Tyson, Jake Paul shared with the media: “I want to become a world champion boxer. Currently, I have the opportunity to prove myself against a former boxer. heavyweight had a great fighting career.

My opponent is known as the scariest man on the planet, the most dangerous boxer of all time. For me, this is the highlight match of my entire career.”

Mike Tyson also officially spoke: “Jake Paul has matured over time as a boxer. You will find it very interesting to observe the ambition and will of a child, when standing in front of experience and ability of a character known as the greatest of all time.

This is a very exciting and dramatic match. I’ve been paying attention to Jake Paul since he first started pursuing his boxing career. Now, my plan is to let him taste being knocked out.”

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Mike Tyson had to retire and quit boxing since 1999

Is Mike Tyson short of money?

Mike Tyson once went bankrupt. Currently, his health is not in good condition. What is the reason why Mike Tyson fought at the age of U60? Is Mike Tyson short of money? In fact, he is in his third marriage and has two young children to raise – Milan (12 years old) and Morocco (9 years old).

Mike also has four adult children from previous relationships. It can be said that the pressure to provide for his family is not small for the 57-year-old boxer. In fact, at the time of the match with Jake Paul, Mike Tyson turned 58 years old.

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Mike Tyson had to use a cane or wheelchair at one point because of sciatica (Photo: Daily Mail).

In recent years, Mike Tyson’s health has had some problems. He suffered from sciatica and at one point had to use a wheelchair. Mike Tyson said having sciatica sometimes causes him so much pain that he “no longer has the strength to speak”.

“I have sciatica and there are times when the pain is excruciating. At those times, I don’t even have the strength to speak. Luckily, I only have to face this one health problem. I am very grateful for what I receive in this life,” Mike Tyson once shared.

Mike Tyson had to retire from boxing in 2005 because of back problems. Mike Tyson’s life and career make him a familiar figure in American popular culture.

During his career as a boxer, Mike Tyson has achieved many remarkable achievements and is considered a world-famous boxer. However, he is also a character associated with scandals.

He served 3 years in prison for rape in 1992. Mike Tyson declared bankruptcy in 2003, even though he had earned about $300 million from his boxing career.

In addition, Tyson was also reminded of his action of biting boxer Evander Holyfield’s ear when the two faced each other in the ring in 1997.

Hà cớ gì Mike Tyson thượng đài ở tuổi 57 sau khi phải ngồi xe lăn? - 7

Mike Tyson was present in the city of Turin (Italy) in February to film a movie (Photo: Daily Mail).

Regarding Mike Tyson’s current financial status, he is said to have a fortune of about $10 million. Mike Tyson is still very actively looking for direction for his work. Last February, he was in Turin (Italy) to participate in filming for a new movie.

Information about the movie is quite scarce, but it is enough for the public to understand that Mike is trying very hard to find his direction, including entering showbiz. Mike Tyson wants to take advantage of every opportunity to continue working and making money, especially when his appeal to the international media and public is still quite large.

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